Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Money, Money, Money

This next week President Obama and Vice President Biden will both be coming to New Mexico to raise funds for Democratic candidates. Too bad they cannot give the candidate the morals or values that would help them win the election in November.

My daughter call those candidates money sucking leeches. They take your money which you have little of and then support rich high paid individuals who can pay lobbyist and make large donations to their campaigns. For these candidates it is all about winning at all cost. Why should they care about a handicapped single mother who is being persecuted by top paid educational administration. How could one handicapped single mother matter to these people? They would rather see that person in a wheelchair rather then to standup for that person’s civil rights.

This is the 20th year of the ADA laws so you would think that a lawyer who is running for the top job in our state government would be only too happy to support that federal law but clearly friendships, cronyism, comes before federal laws when it comes to those individuals in this state.

If these people are elected we will watch as those educational administrators with the help of a new governor and lieutenant governor suck, like a swarm of leeches, the classrooms dry of the few dollars that are left. K-12 teachers already don’t have the textbooks or the supplies they need to even teach their classes. Schools are falling down piece by piece but these candidates will never support money going any place but the salaries of top educational administrators. They will turn a blind eye and a deft ear to the cries of parents, children, teachers, and teacher support staff in this state.

It is a pity that our president and our vice president do not understand who they are supporting this next week. Perhaps it is time that the democrats started their own green tea party movement which supports budget cuts from the top down rather then the bottom up.