Saturday, September 4, 2010

It’s the Economy Stupid!

Our economy is making life for New Mexican’s very difficult. We just can’t afford more tax increases at this point in time. My workplace the states largest community college has seen record enrollment because people are out of work yet little to nothing is being said about job creation.

The current candidates are only too friendly with the wrong people who don’t care about working voters who face pay cuts to support their bad habits of large salaries and lavish new buildings with large offices for the government bureaucrats.

I foresee this problem becoming even worse as one of these individuals takes office. They will be forced to cut the budget in the coming months. These women will cut from the bottom up and make sure to protect their bureaucrat friends in the process. It is only too clear that they don’t care about hard working middle class and working poor voters or their families for that matter. The commercials that proclaim they will fight for families and their children are nothing more then lies.

Parents and students will be the ones to pay the near term price for these future budget cuts as more skilled workers are forced out of the educational workplace just in order to make a living. The ultimate price will be paid by every resident of New Mexico as we fail to product a skilled workforce in this state.

Our current crop of local candidates have a lack of skills and foresight to deliver success to this state when it comes to the economy. They are far to in bed with government bureaucrats who are their close personal friends. New Mexico and New Mexican voters will be the ones to pay the price during the next four years. At this point I can see no reason to help put any of these candidates into our state government. Let their bureaucrat friends get them elected.

The only bright spot is on the federal level where we have congressmen in the north and central parts of our state who do care about working families. These men are carrying the lions share of providing funding for education that should be covered by a state budget that works and promotes new job development. One where if budget cuts are needed they are carried out by cutting from the top down. One where waste is the first thing to go and over staffing of bureaucrats are the first to be cut.