Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally Someone Standing Up for Parents and Constituents

We should all be very supportive and proud of public representatives like County Commissioner Art De La Cruz. Clearly Art De La Cruz understands that parents and children should come before a overpaid non-responsive educational administration.

When will people like APS Board Member and President Martin Esquival start listening to parents and children in this city. Martin Esquival is in my district and will not return phone calls. His board which he leads is sickening to parents for its lack of accountability to parents and children. This man needs to be replaced. I am ashamed that he represents me on the school board.

We should not vote for or support anyone that puts this board member or his educational administration before our children’s needs. I have had people tell me that Esquival will have people from his own party run against him in the next election. I look forward to replacing him as soon as possible.

As for Art De La Cruz, we need more representatives just like him in public office. There can be no room for representatives who will not take care of our children and put their needs first.