Saturday, August 21, 2010

Top Down Style Government Does Not Work

Take it thought channels. Do what I say and don’t ask questions. This is my order so just follow it. I don’t want to hear your point of view because it does not fit in with my plans. If you are not a VIP then your observations don’t count with me. Don’t ever try to think above your pay grade. Tell me your view that I don’t agree with, and I will only show you anger then I will show you the door. You want my attention pay me for it.

On the other hand are those people who always have a question in mind. Why! How! What will work best for all concerned. Governor Richardson is a man who listens and works with people from all levels of society. He does not even begin to care where ideas come from or how rich the person is who gives him a suggestion. Now don’t count on him to enact anything before everyone has their say on the issue and done expect him to force anyone into a box that does not fit or work for that matter because that is not who he is or how he works.

Good government is one where a leader leads but does not force people to follow them. It is one where a leader listens to everyone and works with everyone to get solutions that work. It is where government leaders go out of their way to listen and take into account all views even those that don’t fit into their neat little boxes of pat answers.

At present I don’t see that in either of our candidates for governor. I see anger and resentment with views that don’t fit neatly into their points of view. I see attack after attack for anyone who don’t agree with them . I see no areas for common ground when it comes to how government works.

One of these women is going to end up governor in the near future. They will run into great difficulty during their one short term in that office unless they come to an enlightenment in office. My way or the highway does not encourage buy in from the people who do the work in this state. Change is not something that is forced on individuals from the top down but something that must be worked out over a period of time.

Governor Richardson has done a lot of good things for this state especially in the field of education because of his style of governing. He took a state eight years ago that needed a lot of work and has had some successes over the years. Not everything he has tried has worked but that does not mean there have been no achievements.

If Governor Richardson is remembered as anything it will be the governor in this state who made government for the people, by the people and with the people at all levels. He will be remembered as a tough negotiator who listened, worked with people and had some successes during his terms in office.

There is a lot more that needs to get done in this state in the future and our current leaders have a lot to learn if they hope to leave the people of this state with any successes that have buy in over the next four years.