Friday, August 20, 2010

Top Down Debate-No reason to vote in November

I always vote in elections because I want to support my party and the people who represent us. This year I have no reason to vote for any of the current candidates on the Democratic ticket.

Can’t begin to afford their high priced get togethers. As one person put it yesterday evening I hope all that money buys them some votes because it does nothing for either a liberal or a progressive voter in this state.

Liberal and progressive voters have a real hard time with the issue of chain of command as any administrator can attest to in this state, but that never stopped Governor Bill Richardson from stepping outside of the chain of command to listen to our concerns and to voice our issues at the very top of our state government.

At present we have no representatives who are willing to put aside the money and just talk to voters. You had to have a special invitation from the educational administration just to attend last evenings debate. They did not even begin to address issues that matter to liberals or progressives in this state.

At this point in time I honestly see no difference between the two candidates. I get the feeling neither one cares where or not I turn out to vote in November. Candidates need to remember that that support thing that I am so good at is a two way street and that it will not come with a price tag. Especially one which cannot be afforded by most of the voting public in this state.