Sunday, August 22, 2010

Candidate for Sell just $100 to be called a Friend

Growing up in a republican family I learned at an early age one thing . You cannot buy friendship or love for that matter. Money can get you a lot of things in life but when the going gets tough the bought get going elsewhere. The people who stand by elected official during the difficult times are the ones that don’t spend hundreds of dollars in support of candidates.

Now like all individuals I have learned the cold hard facts that politicians in both parties sell themselves to the highest bidder in this state. They need the money in order to run for office. I have to say that nothing disgusted me more because the people who are willing to pay high dollar to be called friends and supporters of local politicians expect big favors in return that will only harm the working poor in this state.

Our system needs reform or we can give up any hope of ever electing honest hardworking public servants who care more about ethics then where their next donation is coming from. The current crop of politicians are only too willing to sell out people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from to individuals who have no souls.

I limit my donations to any candidate and look for ones that show respect to low income voters and the working poor. I can’t say that I have not been fooled once or twice by people who claimed to care about the disadvantaged in this state but at some point you do have to give someone a chance to prove you wrong.

We need to demand that candidates start showing up for community events for free and stop demanding outrages sums of money just to be called a supporter or a friend of any candidate in our party. Candidates need to show that they care about the working poor and show their support by standing up to rich individuals. People who earn more then $200,000 a year and are control freaks when it comes to their employees in this state. Those individuals should be called out in public by our elected official so that they know that money exchanges at private parties cannot and will not effect the way our candidates cast their votes or run our government in the future.

I have no hope of this happening when it comes to the current list of people running for public offices in our state this fall. These individuals have already shown who has paid for their friendship and support over the next four years in our state. I cannot bring myself to campaign for or support any candidate who puts money before ethics in this state during this summer of our discontent.