Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hispanic and Innocent Until Proven Guilty In Albuquerque?

Note to Chief Public Safety Officer Darren White not everyone arrested in this country is guilty of a crime. If as Darren White asserted they were then we would not need a court system to try people in the first place. What ever happened to the idea that people in this country are innocent until proven guilty of a crime?

150 people accused of a serious crime in this city have been identify as illegal immigrants so even if any of these people are innocent of the crime they have been accused of they are still going to be deported with the help of the Berry Administration.

Why would anyone want a Chief Public Safety Officer who sees everyone as criminals in this state? Clearly the man has no respect for our constitution. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Why not only fingerprint and check the legal statue of those individuals who are found guilty of a crime after a trial and a verdict. After all what does a accused individuals legal status have to do with where or not they are guilty of a crime in our city?

Clearly we need statewide uniform laws for dealing with when you can send fingerprints to the federal government to check for legal status that will protect individuals from people like White and Mayor Berry in this state unless we want to become another Arizona, republican controlled city by republican controlled city.

One does have to wonder if more Hispanics are not being arrested in our city over the past two months just in order to check their legal status. 150 plus individual who are Hispanic have been arrested in our city just over the past two months so how many whites have been arrested in the same time period? What are the exact numbers and what are these people being arrested for in the first place? Bet we don’t get the answers to these questions from the Berry Administration or Chief Public Safety Officer Darren White any time soon. Maybe some of those highly skilled investigated reporters who get paid to report the news should start finding out the answers to these questions.