Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

If there is one issue that needs to be addressed this election year it is jobs. New Mexicans are sick of seeing jobs going away in this state. We need the security of a paycheck that can cover the cost of living. Nothing inspires voters more then the fear of not being able to pay their bills and provide for their families. The basic law of survival is beginning to take control over all other needs and wants this election year.

We have watched as public companies have laid people off and cut back income from the ones they keep. Government jobs are doing the same cutting from the bottom up as administration adds more jobs and higher pay to their ranks. Million dollar sweetheart deals are obscene at a time like this but are still being publicized because the administration simply does not care about our children or for that matter their lower income employees.

Government bureaucrats don’t begin to support the voters. They feel entitled to privileges when it comes to spending taxpayers dollars on themselves while protecting people who fail to serve the public interest. No one is being held accountable for a job done poorly in this state. Voters are showing their anger in inappropriate behaviors when bureaucrats face the public for wrong doing because of their lack of support in private. Also their complete out-of-touch lack of willingness to work with the very people that they are representing.

The bureaucrats want to blame their failures on the people lower down the income ladder. What is far more troubling is that they have spent their money buying friends with influence in both parties that will sided with them against frontline workers over the next four years. Candidates simply don’t want to hear any negative details about their good friends who support them with the money taking from low income workers salaries.

Immigration and driver licenses are big issues not because we fear immigrates or want to treat them badly but because they are taking jobs at a time when native born voters cannot find employment. Illegal immigrates have come to expect rights, goods and yes government services that they are not entitled to in the first place, and they are showing no ability to work hard or even be grateful for the benefits received at a time when we do not have enough to go around. Their lack of humility will in the end cost them dearly in this state.

The only ways out of this position is to find ways to bring jobs to this state and generate new jobs through small business development. Government candidates must begin to understand that voters will not support a candidate that will side with bureaucrats. They must be forced to take off the blinders and see what is happening on the frontlines if change for the better is to begin to happen in this state. There can be no new way forward if the candidates are blindly supportive of close personal friends who are the bureaucrats in this state.