Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ethics Vs. Elections When is it wrong to put a policial career before voters

The question of the day is when is it more important to stand up for the party platform and what you know to be the right thing to do, and will that harm a candidate’s chance of getting elected.

I must admit that I liked what State Representative Al Parks had to say about the issue. He said that getting elected was not worth giving up his morals. I simply would never vote for anyone that told me that standing up for what was right would just have to wait until they were elected.

The Denish/Colon team has lost sight of this or maybe it was never a part of their value system in the first place because they have made some very bad calls on serious issues that face this state. Today I decided to ask some of the other candidates and elected officials what their option was when it came to this very fundamental question of ethics. Don’t think for one minute that I will not hold them to their statements in the future.

I also approached Congressman Martin Heinrich on this issue at the party picnic and gave him an out off camera if he wanted it when it come to immigration. I was very pleased to find that our congressman stood strong on his values and was willing to take on this very difficult issue during an election year at the federal level even though he knew that he might loss votes because of his stand. His values for human life and dignity came before his political career. Pity that we cannot say the same about Denish/Colon.

Non Candidate State Senator Tim Keller