Monday, September 6, 2010

Can’t Afford to Voter for Denish/Colon

The president of CNM Kathy Winograd wants the Union to give her the right to cut our pay without any form of bargain in the future. She has already taking away my right to substitute teach this last term even after I have substitute taught the same classes for the past ten year. This cut my paycheck by $3,000 a year.

Today I had to tell my teenage daughter that we could not afford to pay the phone bill for the next two weeks. So I would ask Denish/Colon to give me a call but I don’t have a home phone or a work phone right now since they also took my office desk and my phone away at work to save money and to give my desk to an administrator even thought I am handicapped. Now I have to walk around on a cane because they don’t want me to have a desk.

I asked Denish and Colon both for help but the answer was no because they are friends with Kathy Winograd and they sided with her. How is this fighting for the people who need help? I can’t afford to be friends with Denish or Colon right now since Winograd cut my pay.

The only thing I can do is speak out against people who support Educational Administration when it harms low income families like mine.