Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blame the Teachers and Their Union

Nationally elected officials, state candidates and public celebrities are beginning to blame the teachers for the poor job done in educating the state’s children. What they don’t begin to address is the greedy educational administration who have drained our classrooms of every thin dime. How can we begin to afford hundred thousand dollar salaries when teachers don’t have materials and textbooks to teach the classes? Teachers are also facing increased classroom sizes which have been proven to reduce the quality of education.

How are teachers to get large numbers of children interested when they have no textbooks, too many state enforced unfunded bubble exams, no chemicals and little time per student to teach their classes? Who is to blame when administration sends two sets of textbooks to some schools while sending none to others? Why are educational administrators dragging their feet in transferring those materials to schools that need them?

Parents need to understand that their job is to ensure that their children are studying not just doing their homework at home and that the children understand that it is their responsibility to care about their own education. Parents should write emails to teachers requesting to know where their children’s textbooks are so that teachers can use those letters to demand the material they need to teach the classes.

Teachers need support and assistances to better their skills in the classrooms but funding for those issues have been cut so as to protect highly paid administrators overpriced salaries.

If state legislators want to cut the educational budget why not start at the top rather then cutting funding for our students? The answer is what Lt. Governor Diane Denish has said. “The educational administrators are my friends.” That along with lobbyist which by the way are paid for by our tax educational dollars are why teachers don’t have the needed supplies to provide a quality education to our children in this state.

If anyone needs to sacrifice in this state it should be the only too well paid educational administration and the overpaid lobbyists that they hire to protect their salaries. Lump sum payments to schools systems is a failed method which only encourages administrators to give themselves outrages pay raises just ask CNM President Kathy Winograd.