Friday, April 22, 2011

How to fix the Budget—End Corporate Welfare

Let’s start by ending corporate welfare. All businesses in this country should either pay their employees a wage that covers the basics expenses of food, housing, basic living needs, child cares, and transportation.

If a company of any size does not pay their employees this basic wage then they should have to pay the government in taxes the cost of these basics not covered plus the administrative fees to cover having the government do it for them. After all why should taxpayers have to support employees of dead beat companies and corporations such as Wal-Mart?

Next if a company is willing to provide health insurance to their employees and their family which an employee can afford to pay any deductibles and or co-pays without cutting into the resources to cover basic needs than that would do away with that needed social programs for their employees. This in return could lower everyone’s taxes.

Then if a company or corporation would supply wages that would allow them to deduct money for a retirement plan without cutting into the money needed to cover basic living expenses plus healthcare then could I see lowering their tax rate. The company or corporation should be required to deduct that money pre-tax and see that it is wisely invested for the employees being covered.

We are still going to need taxes to pay for roads that employees use to get to and from work each day. We will need taxes that cover the cost of repair and upkeep of roads that companies and corporations use to get their goods to and from market. We will still need public schools to ensure that companies have a skilled labor workforce. We will still need funds to support people who find after illness or injury that they are unable to work. And of course we will still need money to pay for employees who find themselves unemployed where it was not fault of their own. Lastly we will still need to pay for a standing army to protect the rights of the American people and to keep our country safe from out siders who might harm our employers when it comes to their freedom to run a business and make a profit.

Any companies or corporations who fires or lays of people, because they don’t have the money to pay all of these benefits to their employees without cutting into their huge profits, should be forced to pay even higher taxes. Any companies or corporations that take their production or supplies out of the country to avoid these expenses should pay the highest taxes for goods and services they sell. If they raise their prices in order to pay for the employee benefits without cutting into their mega profits then they should also pay much higher taxes.

The America people pay far too much in taxes to support dead beat corporations and companies in this country. These organizations have come to depend on corporate welfare. We need to reform our system to reward employers who do the right thing and don’t depend on the government to cover expenses that should be paid by private companies and corporations.

In the long run all of these reforms would reduce the size of government and reduce the taxes that every American has to pay.