Monday, August 8, 2011

Capitulating, Hording Not the Answer to Budget Problems

If president Obama gives even one more cent of taxpayers’ money to the Republican Party this year then he can kiss his reelection chances goodbye. Democrats are outraged and sick to death of seeing our values walked all over by the republicans in Washington D.C. Social programs that the American public have come to see as their only hope at maintaining a middle class are being destroyed by the Tea Party representatives.

Repeatedly democrats have been forced to give far too much, and now the republicans are asking them to give an arm and a leg from grandma and grandpa in order to reduce a debt produced by republicans. One percent of all Americans and Corporations are hording immeasurable sums of money while unemployment is over nine percent. Stand and Poor’s downgraded the national credit rating for the first time in American history due to the republican’s unreasonable desire to enable hording by the ultra-rich. The result was a drop in the market of over 600 points of or 5.6% for just one day of trading. We all know the damage hording does to the community as a whole. The time has come to rebalance America’s wealth in order to get money flowing, and to reduce unemployment in this country. Simple put rich people refuse to spend money, and they refuse to create jobs in this country. Federal government action is the only way to correct this economic imbalance.

The ultra-rich take their money outside the country to spend and horde it in the banks of other nations. The ultra-rich spend their money on startup companies in other countries while getting the tax breaks in our country. Globalization has brought our country to the verge of bankruptcy. Yet the republicans are attempting to force more weak trade agreements that will only result in more lost jobs in this country.

Democrats are now talking about the possibility of a challenger in the democratic primary that could produce a stronger more stabilizing leader. Some are suggesting drafting Clinton to run. They want power and experience. They want someone who knows how to play hardball. Compromise is not a dirty word but capitulating is a dirty word because it has now harmed the middle class in this country to such an extent that it can no longer be tolerated.