Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Judicial Standards a disservice to both Judges and the Voting Public

Funny, I don’t remember as a member of the voting public agreeing to have our judge’s constitutional rights stripped by the state supreme court. Justice Richard Bosson is a man who is out of touch with the voting public. If he so desires a private life away from politics then maybe the voting public should grant him his wish in his next retention election.

Judges need to be active publicly so that the voters know first hand that they are fit to sit on the bench. There is nothing wrong with judges being at a county political meeting since they are elected official in this state. The party has always shown respect for their limits when it comes to issues. We don’t ask for their views on issues that might appear before the court. At the same time it is good and proper that they should know the feelings of the voters when it comes to issues that provide stability for our local communities.

There is an old saying that states “Render therefore to Caésar the things that are Caésar’s and to God the things that are God's. What this means for the voting public is that church and state stay separate so that our country is not ruled by any one church or any one ruling group. Justice Bosson would have the judges in this state separated from the communities they represent. He would have judges base their decision on laws created by the people, for the people, and with the people without the judge’s real life knowledge of what that means for the people of their communities.

The republicans of this state would be only too happy to remove every democratic judge in this state because they resent their views on constitutional issues. The most conservative newspaper in this state has made it clear that they want judges divided from the people they represent. This can be no good for the stability of our state and the safety of our voting public. We already have far too many problems with local police enforcement agencies. The last thing this city or state needs is for our sitting judges to be out of touch with the voters in this state. The last time I checked, our court system was a public one so that the public could ensure the fitness of those who work in that system.