Thursday, November 1, 2012

Republican Super PACs are Back

Like a bad horror movie that just keeps replaying on an endless loop the Republican Super PACs are once again, in the last few days before the final day of the election, filling the airwaves of New Mexico with harsh and misleading attack advertisements. It is a last minute attempt on their part to cut the margins of victory in states that are considered to be leaning toward the democratic candidates.

With Republican Super PACs renewing their efforts to undermine President Obama’s lead in New Mexico, Democratic Party of New Mexico State Chairman Javier Gonzales is asking local democrats to give all they can afford to ensure that they can push back hard against all of the negative attack advertisements.

Voters are not able to get away from the relentless attack ads. Even young children are beginning to display adverse reactions to the uninterrupted bombardment of negative ads much in the same way that most adults wish they could openly display their emotional reactions. The answer is turning off the attack ads by either watching on demand movies or turning off the television and reading a good book.

Voters can end a great deal of the ceaseless attention directed at them by voting early at one of the many local early voting centers around the state. After which it is just a matter of the voters limiting their and their children’s exposure to the general media outlets.