Sunday, December 2, 2012

No More New Jails and No More New Judges

In the past two years judges across the state have cut themselves off from the voting public. They have built walls and cameras between the voters and themselves. They think themselves about the normal voting public. They have no desire to spend even one minute with the voters in this city or for that matter this state.

Now that we are faced with another sixty day session in Santa Fe, they will be asking for more of our tax dollars. Well, we have limited resources this year. The money should go toward early childhood education and rehabilitation for people with drug problems and mental problems. If we solve these problems than we will not need more judges or more jail cells.

Judges already live in rich chambers with lots of staff to take care of their every need. They get paid far more that most New Mexicans. Maybe some of their pay could go toward staff that could work in rehabilitation centers. If people learn to control their anger issues and their drug problems than their families and friends would not have to asks an indifferent uncaring judge for an order of protection.

Perhaps if people got mental health care and drug rehabilitation than fewer jail cells would be needed. Rather than housing people they could get the real help that has been lacking so sorely over the years in our state. Harder laws and richer unconnected judges are the last thing we need in this state.

Our police force has only caused people to fear the law when it comes to reaching out for help. Than uncaring insensitive judges blame the victims of these type of crimes. Judges that have no training in how to prevent a drug addicted mentally ill individual from going off their medications and killing someone they know. These judges think that they are not there to prevent crime. If so than they should not be in the courtroom at all. The money for their rich salaries could be better spent on preventing the crimes in the first place.