Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Money is Power in America

Riots in poor neighborhoods and business districts going on for days are not getting the voices of the public head. The real answer would be to move the riots and protests into rich neighborhoods. Making the rich fear home damage or destruction would get the issues settled much faster. Making the rich white people breathe tear gas would bring the reality home. Taking the fight to the people who have the ear of local politicians would produce results. Having African Americans or Hispanic Immigrates marching up and down the tree-lined streets with well-manicured lawns of the rich would get their attention quickly.   

America is not a democracy. Our country has become an oligarchy, where the rich elite control the power both politically and economically. The people need to take the fight for equality and justice to the front doors of the people who wield the power to make changes in this country.  

Showing up on the doorstep of your local state and federal representatives might just get a reaction, especially during an election year. Nothing like having a picture of their homes on the evening news to get a little action to settle the voting public’s issues.

So, the next time the voting public has an issue in New Mexico don’t forget to take the protest to the people in control.