Monday, July 20, 2015

Let’s talk issues (During an Election Year!)

What are the issues that matter the most to New Mexican families.

Education where children get good meals, community support and can learn in an environment that promotes critical skills building.

What are candidates busy promoting? The removal of history from any public free space. Being political correct at all cost. Cutting food stamps so that children can be even hungrier. Creating an environment where children fail to learn because of a lack of support. Promoting Testing, Testing, Testing!

What should candidates be doing? Creating more access to all items that represent all views on history. Explaining the meaning of the U.S. Constitution. Promoting free access to history museums and not making them appear to be a place to hide historical objects that offend some individuals. Make sure every child gets the food they need. Providing attorneys for children who are abused free of charge. Promoting free programs that teach parents how to parent correctly.

Jobs for every able bodied individual in this state.  

What are candidates busy promoting? Tax cuts for the rich that don’t create a single job. Bring negative attention to our state about a war that was fought over a 150 years ago when no one even knows that historical items are there in the first place. Investing in out of state companies that pay taxes in another state. Supporting gas and old when these jobs are being reduced.

What should candidates be doing? Promoting small business opportunities. Working with the National labs to create spinoff companies. Training out of work employees for jobs that are in demand. Helping wind and solar companies develop so that they can provide the jobs of the future. Promoting the fact that we have history in this state even if there is a question about what type of history it is. “Billy the Kid” can be seen as a criminal but also a folk hero as well. Let’s try to stop bringing up the down side to history.      

Healthcare for the mentally ill.

What are candidates busy promoting? Outsourcing that ends up costing the state more and providing less care and more homelessness for the victims. Police are using these individuals as target practice and have no respect for their lives. The local Police Chief is encouraging this type of behavior by not holding his police force accountable.

What should candidates be doing? Help these individuals to get treatment that works from local provides. Demand accountability from all concerned. Provide training to teach the police to act in a professional manner and to respect all human life. Local provides will pay taxes in this state, create jobs and understand local issues far better than outsiders.