Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is the Dream Act only a Hopeless Dream

President Obama visited the border in Texas today to highlight immigration issues ahead of both houses reintroducing the dream act which would give a path to legal status to children brought to this country illegally.

Republicans love to spread the hate when it come to immigration but they are unwilling to fix the problem in Washington since to do so would stop senseless killings of illegal immigrate children in border states like Arizona.

Republican need someone to hate in order to drive their perverse causes into the homes of this country. Without the hated immigrates who would they blame for their inability to fix unemployment and rising cost. It was not immigrates who caused the economic downturn which has swept our country over the last few years.

With the republicans in firm control of the U.S. House and having a heavy presents in the Senate the laws needed to fix our country’s immigration problems have no hope of being heard in either house.

The further blocking of real immigration reform can only lead to the death of more children in this country who’s last names are Hispanic.