Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Fest or Highest Level of Ethical Standards

Congressman Martin Heinrich and State Auditor Hector Balderas are refusing to get down into the mud and attack each other on a personal level. Both men have lovely families and are respected by the communities they serve. Both men have very high ethical standards when it comes to their own personal behavior.

So why does some in the political arena expect and even demand lies and mudslinging? The answer could be that republicans who do have questionable ethical standards in this state wasted no time in spreading lies and falsehoods about other republican opponents.

Democrats in this state sent a clear message at the state convention this year that they expect a higher standard of behavior from their representatives and their candidates. Democrats are turn off and stay away from the polls when they feel that their candidates have no real plans or policies in which to put forth to voters. Democrats expect spirited debates on issues, and they don’t want lies about a candidate’s personal life or political stands on issues.

I am sure that democratic voters are looking forward to hearing how each of our lead candidates views the issues that America faces. We will be happy to hear their plans and models for how to handle difficult issues. We will want to know what they view as the most important issues. We will want to know how they plan on listening to and communicating with the voters that will elect them into office.

When the final vote is cast in the general election for New Mexico U.S. Senator the voters will want someone of high ethical and moral standards to represent them in Washington D.C. Lies and mudslinging have no place in a elected body that has so few members to begin with and who the American voting public invest huge amounts of power and control over this country.