Friday, June 3, 2011

Growth in Government Jobs

Over the years republicans have all claimed long and loudly to stand for smaller government. But if you look at the statics then you will see that the states leading in government growth are controlled by republican governors. Republicans are going to have a hard time putting a positive spin on this report.

What republican governors want is to provide government workers with low wages and no benefits. They are willing to hire all the slave labor they can as long as they do not have to provide livable wages.

This is clearly not a report that the Republican Party wants spread around during an election cycle. The time has come to demand the truth from republican governors when it comes to the size of their administrations.

Every democrat in this country understands that without workers to run the government than the government cannot provide vital services to the voting public. Fewer police officers mean unsafe neighborhoods. Fewer teachers mean bigger classes which leads to lower levels of student achievement. Fewer fire fighters means watching you home burn down and higher insurance rates for homeowners.