Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama’s Job Insurance

Americans are wondering if the Obama plan will help the economy. The plan calls for 447 million dollars in new spending. The spending would help states keep teachers, police, and firefighters on the job. It will rebuild roads and schools that have long needed the repairs. It will lower payroll taxes.

The question remains, will the republicans pass a bill designed to help the middle class in this country. They have shown no desire in the past to help the middle class. The republicans only have a desire to help themselves and the very rich in this country. The democrats can expect a bitter fight over any bill that would help Main Street Americans. They will need the support of democrats all over the country, if they have any hope of passing this bill.

Republican candidates for president are already attacking social security. The republicans have already called it a “Ponzi Scheme” and a fraud. Republicans forget that government is not a business but a moral service. Republicans would rather see older Americans out on the streets. Alternatively, they would have their families burdened with the responsibility of supporting the parents at the same time they support their children. Most Americans do not even begin to know how to invest in the market. They do not understand that for every big winner in the stock market there are thousands of losers.

We need to send to the U.S. House of Representatives people who understand that Main Street Americans should come before Wall Street. We need representatives that vote for bills that will help our economy recover. We need to support representatives that will put green jobs before large oil companies. We need new people with ideas on how to put Americans back to work.

Our country cannot return to the past in a global economy. We need to find new way of using our skills, which will make us number one in the world when it comes to green jobs and intellectual capital. We have to begin to teach our children how to think for themselves at an earlier age. Without these changes in how we do business nothing will help our economy.

Large businesses and rich individuals have a responsibility to invest in research and develop along with education to benefit the whole country. They need to stop saving their money and start spending it on the future. Without this investment, the rich will only find themselves the victim of a failed state. The very rich need to open their eyes, and they need to understand that without a healthy middle class this country will only become another third world country. In the end they will find that their large sums of money has no real value.