Thursday, September 8, 2011

South Eastern Side of City Needs a Clean Up

This was a good report about the West Mesa killings. The report highlighted the need to clean up the ongoing problems on Central Avenue. We can all hope that the city will put more money toward this issue. We need new harsher state laws to punish the men who pay for sex. I would not recommend holding your breath on this issue since the male politicians in this city spend far too much time denying the problem. Or maybe they just use the serves too often...

Link to Dateline two-hour report

It would appear that as long as it is women killed that the Albuquerque Police Department will do nothing. The examples on the news as of late show just what their attitude toward women is in this city. We can only hope that the federal law enforcement agencies will find the need to investigate the lack of skilled law enforcement in this city.

Politicians must be held accountable by women voters for their willingness to turn this part of the city into a dumping ground for all types of sexual predators.