Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad news, Good news

Senatorial candidates are too busy with the 1% to be bothered with spending much time with the 99%. I understand that campaigns cost a great deal of money these days. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United did the common voting public no favors when it comes to how much time they devote to speaking with the common man or woman.

The fact remains that our two senatorial candidates are not getting out and spending time with the 99%. The voting public feels left out of the process. The candidates are not providing leadership for the rest of the down ballot candidates. It has falling to the congressional candidates to take the lead.

Last evening was a clear example of that when it fell to a congressional candidate rather than a senatorial candidate to remind the other candidates to not unfairly attack their opponents. Ex-major and congressional candidate Marty Chavez gave a wonderful but short speech on the ethics of respecting democrats in all races.

Just when you think that Marty Chavez is out of the race due to personal issues; he makes a grand comeback. I understand that he and his partner have split due to ethical issues. We all feel for Chavez. He clearly had strong feelings for the woman. Chavez will be centering his future attention on his campaign for the rest of the year. Not a bad idea Marty.

Eric Griego, who is a family man with a child, is strongly showing at present in the congressional race. He is siding with the 99% people. Eric is known to be strongly progressive and has serious experience when it comes to educational issues. He was an active union member when he was teaching part-time at a local community college. His major problem may just be that he is too strongly progressive for a district that tends to be middle of the road.

Michelle Lujan Grisham is the only female candidate in the congressional race. She is up against two very strong male personalities. She concentrates on family and health care issues in her campaign. She still has her work cut out for her.

There were many judicial candidates at the county meeting last evening. I managed to start the process of setting up on camera interviews, so we have those interviews to look forward to in March. We have two very strong ethical judges running for the appeal court seat.

Governor Martinez made a huge mistake when her Pac took money from the republican she appointed to that seat. Judge Victor Lopez is a well-known workman’s comp. judge who has run in many races. Judge Monica Zamora is a children’s court judge with many years of experience. She did point out that the appeals court could use a few more females to balance out the numbers. She is a local with a strong family in the local community, which could add to her stability as an appeals court judge.

We have three seats up in the district court. Judge Ben Chavez is running against a republican so he has our support. Judge Zamora is also running for a different division seat on the district court. She has always had our strong support. Judge Alisa Hadfield was appointed to her district court seat last year. She had been doing a superb job. We should be working for and supporting these judges in order to keep our court system fair and just.

All the judicial candidates are working under difficult New Mexico Supreme Court rules that prevent their colleagues from speaking out in support of their campaigns. The new rules have clearly gone too far when it comes to judicial conduct. The only people they benefit are the republicans. Some of the justices on the state supreme court have shown just how out of touch with the public they have become over the years. Perhaps it is time to replace them.