Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Broadband Internet for Small New Mexican Towns

If the governor was serious about providing jobs and open government in this state, she could start by providing internet services to every small town. It would not have to be done overnight or all at once.

The governor could start with the small town with the highest unemployment rate and work her way down the list. Internet access could provide a market for small startup businesses. People could be trained on how to use the internet to sell their goods and services.

Just think what our country would be like today if governors refused to build highways and utilities in the early days because of the cost. With a small investment, this state could become a shining example of what could be done with the information highway. Small countries the size of states are expanding internet access in order to promote job growth.

We could take this state from dead last to one of the top ten in the country with the right leadership. The question is: Where is that leadership? The fourth floor in Santa Fe appears to be lacking a leader for that office.