Monday, February 13, 2012

New Mexico Web Infrastructure

Governor Martinez is very “gun ho” to use advanced web technology for open government. The problem is where is her support in providing the correct Web Infrastructure so that small towns and non-urban communities can access those videos. What good is a streaming video if no one in the smaller communities in this state gets to see them?

She is dead wrong when she screams that government cannot create jobs. The basic way to create small businesses in this state that could thrive would be to provide them with the advanced web infrastructure, which would allow them to sell their goods in the global market place.

Basic web infrastructure would allow students to more effectively access coursework from larger colleges and universities thereby leveling the playing field for all New Mexicans. It would allow colleges and universities to provide training online to students where a brick and mortar campus would not make a profit.

If we want to build small businesses in this state then we need to provide the support and assistances to help entrepreneurs get their companies off the ground. The state and federal government can do a lot to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with the type of connectivity that large cities have in this state. If more small businesses shipped goods out of state and out of country than our mail service could be ensured of more income as well. Our state could be collecting taxes on those sales that would help pay for government programs.