Thursday, September 4, 2014

Governor Martinez Fails Yet Again on Jobs

Well the news has leaked out that the new gigafactory that Teslas is building will not come to New Mexico. Governor Martinez has failed once again to develop new jobs for the State of New Mexico. She has been failing in this area for the past three and a half years. Democrats don’t want to give her another four more years to drive all businesses out of this state. Ours is the only state, which is losing jobs in the Southwest. 

Governor Martinez will most likely blame the loss of this factory on the democratic candidate for governor because she refuses to take responsibility for her own failures. The governor has been airing advertisements blaming Gary King for not raising the minimum wage yet it was her veto pen that killed the last attempt to raise the minimum wage in the state. It has been Governor Martinez’s educational policies that have decreased the math and reading skill levels in this state over the past few years. And it is the governor’s inaction about water pollution issues at Kirkland Air Force Base that put the final nail in the coffin of any deal with Teslas.

Mayor Richard Berry has been no great help in attracting new jobs to the metropolitan area. He could not negotiate himself out of a paper bag even on the best of days. His inability to control his own police force has made national news and attracted the attention of the Department of Justice. His lack of foresight and culture has failed to move the state’s largest city forward on many issues. His total disregard when it comes to enforcing the city’s minimum wage does not set a good example. The City of Albuquerque at this point does not present a positive picture to businesses looking for a new location to build factories.

Was it only four or five short years ago that businesses were moving to the city thanks to Governor Richardson and Mayor Chavez. I am sure that there are a lot of families that would like nothing better than to turn back the clock to those bygone days. Governor Martinez says she wants to move forward but at what cost to the voting public of this state. She is attempting to portray Gary King as a supporter of the upper class but King is not the one taking the Koch brother’s money is he?