Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wrong Words from a Campaign at Wrong Time

I support Gary King for governor because I hope that he can do more then Governor Susana Martinez to encourage job growth in this state. We are at rock bottom when it comes to jobs in this state. I also like the way King supports teachers and funding education to create a well-trained work force. The educational policies that Governor Martinez has created have only harmed our educational system and reduced the skills levels of our children. I have no problem with his views on protecting the environment from large corporations that would destroy future usage of our lands for our children. Governor Martinez has sold us out to large corporations for endless amounts of money to finance her current campaign.

I do however think it is wrong to say anything about Governor Martinez’s nationality. I personally don’t think she has a kind and giving heart when it comes to New Mexicans. I just don’t understand why our candidates have to always put their foot in their mouths when it comes to this issue.

I know a large number of Hispanics are telling King’s campaign staffers that they will vote for Governor Martinez because she is Hispanic even though she has only harmed our state in the long run. This has to be difficult for someone like Gary who was born and raised in New Mexico. 

Governor Martinez was born in Texas and does not understand the culture of New Mexico. I do know that some Hispanics especially those in the north do view Governor Martinez as a bigot when it comes to protecting Hispanics in this state from rich white people from Texas. She picked on Speaker Lujan for not speaking English well and that offended a lot of Hispanics in the Northern part of this state. It would appear that Governor Martinez has no problem with offending Hispanics in the northern part of this state.

When it comes to race I know that most people view it as correct for members of the same race to attack each other for their weaknesses to fit into popular white culture, while someone from another race will be attacked for doing the same thing to the individual who attacked individuals from their own race. Governor Martinez has no solid ground to stand on when it comes to issues, so she will always play the race or gender card if she is given even a slight chance.