Monday, April 24, 2017

Making Changes Within the Party

Let’s be honest the current system of government is just not working for too many Americans. When you can attend a four year University, successfully attain a degree, and still not get a good paying job then something is seriously wrong. When American Corporations are raking in record profits but not sharing the success with corporate employees then something is wrong. When University Presidents are getting six figure salaries while teachers are depending on the social safety net to just get by then something is wrong.

These issues have made young people very angry at government, at the political parties and at the political process in general. Now part of the problem is that we as a nation have not educated our children on how our form of government works. Republicans were so angry that they turned to an outsider during the last election to seek relief from this broken system. Their outsider candidate who won the election promised to “Make America Great Again.”   Well he has been in office for 100 days this Saturday. He has succeeded in removing a lot of orders given by President Obama that would protect; women’s rights, gay rights, the environment, and the working classes in general. He has the lowest approval rating of any President as of date.  Why? Because he could not deliver on his promises instantly.  You see our government is not designed that way.

Now the young people of the Democratic Party and many independents are looking to an independent outsider to give them a lot of the changes that they want to see in order to make the government work. Bernie Sanders made big promises during the primary just the same as now President Donald Trump did during his campaign. Sanders promised free education for all. He promised Healthcare for all. He promised huge reforms when it comes to government. Would he be able to deliver those changes? No. He is already a U.S. Senator and has not passed bills that would enact those changes. Not that he has not tried but he just does not have the control or support to make those kinds of changes in our national government from representatives on either side. Would becoming president change that? No.

The government is not a dictatorship or a monarchy which means that no one person alone can make changes. There are a large number of people involved in any lasting changes made to government. They are all answerable to the people they represent. In America there are many schools of thought on what would make the government work. Even within the Republican Party which now has the majority of the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the Oval office these people cannot agree on one path of reform.

This is how it has always been. It is called the democratic process. The idea is to work with both parties and make compromises that work for the country as a whole. If environmental changes does away with jobs then you must find a way to help those people effected in order to make that change work. If a single payer healthcare system is what you want then you had better find a way to allow the people who work in the insurance industry to make a living. And also the stockholders who have invested in those companies. In a democracy nothing is as simple as young people would like to believe it is. Change is hard and takes a long time. Even if Bernie Sanders was elected President tomorrow he could not deliver instantly on his promises. He might never be able to make the changes young people so lowly demand.

The end result is that these young people don’t understand how our government works. They don’t even understand how the parties work. And in trying to make changes they could end up unbalancing the whole system to the point that the Republican Party could take advantage of this and do what we consider to be harm to our country.

Now could the Democratic Party use some updates and some changes? Yes Will taking over a system that you don’t even begin to understand be the way to achieve those goals? No So when the election for party leadership comes around this time think before you vote to destroy the only system that stands in the way of President Trump’s dreams and desires. 

We must understand that working together is the only way to make lasting changes that will help our country to grow!