Friday, April 28, 2017

Political Active Newcomers to the Democratic Party of New Mexico

I have seen a lot of anger toward the party and the people who have been in the party for a long time. The younger generation is angry and they are demanding change now. They do not want to hear from people who have been working for years to get our current list of government officials elected. They want free everything and a sudden redistribution of wealth in our country that would benefit them without caring about who might get harmed in the process.

The party is a large organization with rules and a platform which reflexes the views of those who have been voting for years and who have worked hard to build the current organization. No institution is perfect and there is always room for beneficial change.  For the most part the vast majority of both groups agree on issues but in some cases disagree on how to best achieve those goals. The idea that the younger generation could come into the party with no training and simply take over and make huge changes instills fear and anger in the older generation. Sudden change is equated with change that has not been well thought out and will result in unintended consequences and harm to others. Change that has not be well thought out can often do more harm than good. The older generation understands this through trial and error. What may look good on the surface can often lead to devastation to those who do not have a strong voice within the current government.

The older generation has failed to provide the newcomers with an institutional history and a clear understanding of how organizational processes work. The younger generation has not attend monthly party meetings and have been unwilling to study long often difficult to understand documents that are necessary to understand how to enact change in a successful manner. Both groups would achieve good results from newcomer classes that cover many of the current party documents and processes that would reduce stress levels for all involved in the current struggles to come to grips with the mass influx of newcomers.  Training that helps to explain the documentation could help newcomers to develop policies and changes that would be accepted by all and reduce the level of anger by all concerned.

I for one was very offended with how some younger people attacked my views and made assumptions about me based solely on my appearance every though that is exactly what they were accusing me of doing. Their lack of knowledge of how the system worked was on full display for all to see. This type of behavior is a result of a huge lack of communication between the two groups.  To add to the problems was the fact that individuals who in the past have been serious trouble makers within the organization were aggravating the situation in order to take advantage of the younger newcomers in order to achieve their own rejected past goals.  
Now is not the time to pick fights and try to destroy each other. Now is not the time to follow individuals that have private agendas that would harm all involved and that are loaded with harmful unintended consequences. Now is the time to work together to better our current government and to protect the things we value about our country.

A party divided is one that has lost even before it starts.