Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Election Turnout

When just 28.33 percent turnout for an election you know that the voters have pretty much checked out of the system. And to think that could be a record.  A small amount of very rich people are funding expensive elections that will continue to support their goals on both sides of the political spectrum.

In the next four years no matter which candidate wins the election little will change in this state. Small changes will occur around the edges but big change has not got a chance because of who the rich elected to the state government and the federal government.   

This year was the first in many that a few candidates traveled around the state providing free events to the public. The problem is that normal voters have come to expect that their voices don’t matter in this state when it comes to who gets elected. Citizen’s United, a supreme court ruling, told the American public that corporations were more important than individuals when it comes to electing who runs their government.

For the most part normal voters don’t see what is being taken away from them because they are too busy in the daily struggle to get through life. It is a matter of Maslow’s theory where basic needs have to be taken care of before people can care about issues of social justice and government control.

The republicans are more engaged because for most of them it is a matter of survival. In red states drug companies have caused the addiction to hard pain killers to surge into areas where it is destroying the fabric of their communities. Environmental rights have taken away their jobs. They are poorly educated because most of the well-educated individual have long since moved away leaving a disproportionate number of difficult to educate individuals within a smaller area of the country. As long as this is a fact of life for these individuals they keep voting for the republican because of the lies and false promises made to them. 

Real ideas like community centered education with mentoring are liberal democratic values. Quality vs quantity style of education that teaches critical thinking skills is also a liberal democratic concept. The idea that low level crimes that can be solved through treatment rather than incarceration is not going to get funded when the big drug companies control the candidates elected.  

With all of this continuing to affect American voters why would they care to take the time out of their own lives to show up at the polls?