Thursday, June 7, 2018

This election is not about Trump

After this primary election you can see that attacking President Trump is not what the voters want. Neither is the call for unity without reconciliation. What matters to voters are the issues. The candidate that can give a safe message of moving New Mexico forward is going to win this November.

The top issue will be jobs. This state in not doing well even though the states around us have growing economies. We need a governor and state officials that have a jobs plan. The candidate needs to be careful about placing too much weight on exports. President Trump is all about trade wars currently and a jobs plan based on trade could lead this state into a dead end. On the other hand, green energy jobs will produce work for the state. Technology will also produce jobs if small businesses can get the capital to expand therefore creating new jobs.

Next is the state’s environment. With the lack of rainfall, we are facing fights with Texas about water rights. We need to stand firm about this issue to protect our small farming communities in the southeastern part of the state. We need to look at corps that can produce income and at the same time not take up as much water. Again green energy is a way to protect the environment while producing jobs and income. It is also great for the environment. The labs should be put to work in developing new technologies that can protect the environment while also producing new jobs in our state. 

Women’s rights need to be an issue were most of the voters that turned out in the primary were women. The #metoo movement cannot be just a political ploy to end the careers of male politicians. We have to develop fair and honest proceeds to investigate claims of sexual harassment in state government. The good old boy’s acceptance of the past cannot continue. The progressive wing of the party needs to start vetting their candidates to prevent sexual predators from being supported by them. If not, then the state will be faced with paying out large settlements for that type of behavior.

We need to be able to talk through our issues over the next few months otherwise the result will just be a repeat of 2014 and 2016.