Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do Kids Count in New Mexico?

Today the rankings came out for the Kids Count and New Mexico fell to 46th in the country. When education is cut down by State Senators like Tim Jennings and John A. Smith on a regular base in the conservative media and public education is cut past the bone then students and parents get the message loud and clear that children in this state just don’t matter to people in power.

Our Governor Bill Richardson has worked hard over the past eight years to try and make things better for our children with little to no appreciation for all of his hard work but he has had to fight tooth and nail just to bring this state along on issues like child and family safety, education, transportation and resources for low income families.

Now with budget cuts thanks to a past republican president and a republican in control of our fair city we have little hope to make things better for our children. Life is getting harder and no one is listening to the people on the front lines any longer. School administrators and coaches are getting million dollar sweetheart deals while teachers are facing layoffs.

Republicans and Red Dog Democrats have pushed charter schools and now the numbers are out and the issues are the same the money goes to administration and not to provide a quality education for our children. When will republicans be stopped from harming our children in this state?

When will what the lobbyists want stop coming before the well being of our children in Santa Fe? How can we possibly put an end to lobbyists buying republican votes in Santa Fe?

If Democrats don’t get out and vote this year our children will only face harder times in the future.