Sunday, July 4, 2010

State Senator Jennings Wants to Do Away with Retirement for Educators

Yes, our own Red Dog Democrat Senator Tim Jennings who leads the State Senate is suggesting once again that teachers should loss their retirement funds and be forced to count on a market plan that could leave a good number of our teachers on the streets in their old age with no place to live and no food to eat. Maybe Senator Jennings should take a cold hard look at the man in the mirror before he starts suggesting cuts to public education that will drive good teachers out of the field all together.

He calls teacher retirement funds a sweetheart deal but he fails to take into account that teachers are paid well below market value for their services and most good ones will be forced to return to the market place with his cuts. Even with the job market down experienced teacher would most likely not have a problem finding a well paying job in the market place. For these dedicated public servants it is all about the future and student well being but everyone has a breaking point and Senator Jennings has crossed that line far too often when it comes to public education.

He of course will blame teachers for leaving the field and use it as a justification to end public education in our state. Never mind that it is a constitutional right. He like most republicans don’t see the need for a public education system since well educated voters don’t vote for republicans because they are too well informed on the issues.

Senator Jennings has often taking aim at teachers in this state because he has no real ideas on how to fix the budget problems and simply want a group to blame for the state’s failure to develop an active economy that would support government services in our state. You know I once read a study that said morbid obese lowers the I.Q. Make no mistake he is a republican in all but name.

I would suggest that he look at plans for economic development of small businesses in this state as a way to increase tax revenues and that a well educated workforce is our only hope of keeping the state budget balanced through increased tax revenues. People who are well educated often pay more in taxes then people without any education or a poor one due to a lack of a quality educational systems.

Driving good teachers out of the field will only cause our state to loss federal dollars because of a failure to make the grade when it come to the system. I don’t see his plan as a way to improve education for our children or as a successful was to increase tax revenues over the long term. I would give his plan a big