Saturday, July 31, 2010

Urgent Care only from 8 until 5

Yesterday evening I was cleaning in my kitchen and cut myself badly with a sharp knife. After kicking myself for failing to be more careful I called my sister-in-law and went to find an urgent care so that I could get the deep cut stitched up.

Well I and my sister-in-law found out that Presbyterian closes their urgent care offices at 5:00 p.m in our city. I can honestly say this makes no senses to me. Why would you want to overflow emergency rooms in this city and cause people to wait hours just to get treatment that at best only takes half an hour to treat.

Hospital care systems are making huge amounts of money by forcing patients to go to emergency rooms after dark. This is poor management at best and simply cruel behavior at worst.

Now I know that I am one of the luck ones because I am holding on for dear life to my healthcare insurance still I am one of those individuals who is under insured because like many I cannot always afford the co-payments when I need medical treatment.

We pasted the reform bill but I still don’t see reform for the people who need it most. Were are our representatives and why are they no taking the floor in angry defense of the people they represent against the republicans like that congressman in New York? Representatives should understand that the greatest heath care system in the world is no help at all if the doors close at 5:00 p.m while health insurance corporations rake in hugh profits.