Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hiccup! Are They Honestly Serious?

The difference between how the county clerk and the city clerk handles elections is worlds apart.

The Bernalillo County Clerk, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, is a careful methodical well-organized county official. She does her homework, and she trains her employees well when it comes to elections. Ms. Oliver is very in favor of voting centers, which would allow easy access to voting locations. The idea of not having to drive all the way home to vote is very appealing to people who work in the city. With the right preparation, the new system of voting centers could work well for our city. The new system if run effectively could also save our county large sums of money, which could then be used to increase the number of people who vote in elections.

The Albuquerque City Clerk, Amy B. Bailey, is not what I would call a well-organized city employee. If her first election is any example, she will not be a great public servant. I would strongly suggest not attempting any down play of her mistakes. Voters hate long lines. They hate having their right to vote questioned based on ethnic origin. Discrimination carried out by a white woman from the east coast will not go over well in this state when it comes to the voters.

Ms. Bailey should be looking to Mrs. Oliver for sound advice on how to handle voters in the city.

I am sadly disappointed with the reaction from the local press when it comes to protecting voter’s rights. When we had a problem in the primary election a few years ago, the press hounded the party leader. They demanded he resign from his position.

So why down play the mistakes made in a city election now? Why is the local press not demanding answers from Ms. Bailey on the reasons why her employees were so poorly trained for this election? Why have they not demanded to know how many people were driven away by the failures of the voting machines? What affect did these problems have on the results of the city council elections? What areas of the city were most affected by the problems? Would the result have been different if there had been not problems? Where is the local press’ righteous outrage?