Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Communication Dead

Communication is a two-way exchange of ideas between individuals. In today’s world, it is all about controlling the message. If you do not want to hear what other have to say on Facebook you simply, delete it. No one bothers to delve into hot topic any longer.

The idea of asking a question, in the attempt for further understanding someone else’s viewpoint, is outdated. Analyzing issues for common ground is unheard of in today’s political world. How can we begin to build a better world if we are unwilling or unable to questions ideas? What is wrong with asking someone for further clarification of a statement? What is wrong with asking the basic question of who, where, what, and why?

The questions we should be asking the tea party are:

Why do you not want to raise taxes?

How would raising taxes negatively affect your life?

Tell me more and explain where you get your facts.

How has big government affected your life?

Has there ever been a time when government did something right?

Why do you feel that government cannot help the poor?

Who else will help the poor if not government?

What would or could replace Social Security?

Do you understand that in the market system of stocks there are more losers then winners?

What would happen to the people who are losers in the Stock Market when it comes to their retirement funds?

Should we as a civilized society care about the elderly?

If we do not care, then how will that affect the middle class?

Do we expect young people to support their parents at the same time they support their children?

What affect would that have on our economy?

Next time you are faced with someone who is angry with the current government rather than attack ask questions. Look for common ground to stand on, and be willing to listen to the other side before making a judgment call. Communication is and has always been a two-way street.