Thursday, October 27, 2011

Governor Tells Agencies to Put an End to Flex Schedules

One has to wonder why the governor acts like such a fool at times. Efficiency is when your employees have time to deal with family issues. This is going to hurt women with children. Employers across the state should understand that children should always come first in this state.

A parent who cannot flex their schedule in order to either pick up or drop off their children on time is a distracted worker. It is a parent’s responsibility for always to be there on time for their children. What type of person would force a parent to abandon their child in order to keep their job? Men are guiltier of this behavior most times, than women are. However, our governor has failed to behave like a woman when it comes to this issue. How can she say that she is supportive of protecting our children when her own policies promote child abandonment?

Women in New Mexico should send the governor a strong message that this type of policy change is unacceptable for state workers. Only someone who does not care about our children would enact such a policy statewide. Mothers should be outraged at the governor’s lack of responsibility when it comes to issues like this one.

If even one supervisor of a state employee tells a mother that their schedule will not be flexed because of this policy then the state should be sued for child endangerment. Childcare workers make it clear to any parent in this state that if they are not on time to pick up their child that the police will be called. What kind of employer would put a parent in that kind of inexcusable position in the first place?

The governor should be publicly forced to explain her policy. She should explain to state workers who are mothers how this policy will ensure a safe and protected environment for their children.