Friday, November 4, 2011

Tax Break for Corporations—Really

Yes, large corporations may face a 35% tax rate but none of them pays that much in taxes. It has been reported that 30 corporations in this country pay no taxes at all and some even receive money back from the government like our poorest in this country. We call that corporate welfare. The republicans have done away with welfare for the poor so we should return the favor by doing away with welfare for corporations. We should limit the time to two years for any take break received from the government for corporations.

What we need is to change the tax code so that small companies receive those benefits while larger corporation who make billions of dollars each year in profits pay their fair share. The handouts to Corporate America are harming our economy by taking tax dollars away from small startup companies. Those small companies are the ones that produce the most jobs in our economy.

We can start this process by sending people to Washington D.C. who are willing to stand up and fight for the rights of the 99% who do not get corporate welfare in this country. Our children’s future depends on our finding a way to take the power back from the corporations. We need to show our support for local businesses in this country. We need to encourage startup companies, which will put our children to work.