Monday, November 14, 2011

Horseracing or economic development for the City of Albuquerque

Large cities around the country are moving toward such successful economic developments:

Expo New Mexico Fair Grounds--International Showcase:

Beyond the main gate, entering from the south at the Expo New Mexico Fair Grounds is the International Showcase area. The International Showcase area is a collective of pavilions that wrap around the International Showcase Lagoon. Each one of the pavilions represents the best of culture and cuisine from New Mexico’s Native Pueblos and other world cultures that live and thrive within the International District:

1. United States
2. New Mexican
3. Mexico
4. China
5. Japan
6. East India
7. French
8. Greek
9. African American
10. Isleta Pueblo
11. Navajo Nation
12. Zuni Pueblo

In each of the pavilions, you will find a mixture of restaurants, cultural gift shops, entertainment areas, and arts and crafts displays. Along the tree-lined shore of the lagoon is a lovely well-lighted brick boardwalk, which will lead you to the welcoming gateways of each of the international pavilions. On the lagoon is an Italian style water taxi service, which provide a romantic ride to the pavilion of your choice. The water from the lagoon is recycled to provide an eco-friendly environment for the City of Albuquerque while still encouraging an active nightlife and culturally diverse economic development.

Just one example of what could be with the right long-term city planning. It is a pity that the governor appears to have been bought out by some campaign donators.