Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Al Park Running for PRC

Today state representative Al Park announced that he would be stepping down from his state house seat to run for the Public Regulations Commission seat, which is currently held by Jason Marks. Marks is term limited and will not be able to run for the seat a third time.

After all of the scandal with Block, it will be good to ensure an honest individual is running for the seat in Albuquerque. Albuquerque has been lucky with whom we have elected to the PRC. Our representative has been not only honest and how working, but Jason Marks has been one of the PRC members who knew the business best.

Al Park will make a qualified candidate for the seat. He is a family man who respects the law. As a lawyer, he understands the finer details of how to deal with large energy corporations. Al Park has the support of the voters in his district. He is a clear choice for the PRC seat in 2012. The voting public is lucky to have a good individual step forward.