Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Team Heinrich! Team Heinrich! Team Heinrich!

We now have the best candidate to run for U.S. Senate, Martin Heinrich.

Heather Wilson will be faced with someone who is honest, hardworking, a family man, and faithful to the voting public. With Wilson’s record of dishonesty, criminal activities, and failed policies how could anyone in their right mind vote for that rightwing nutjob.

Wilson in her long career in congress proved that she could not be trusted to support either our veterans or the forward movement of our military bases. Her lack of vision caused our bases to be put on the cutting block. This is something that will never occur with Martin Heinrich as our U.S. Senator.

Martin Heinrich understands the value of promoting our current energy profile while still moving New Mexico forward toward a green job and green energy future. He has two sons who will benefit from a future where jobs in New Mexico are easy to find, jobs that will pay a livable wage. Heather Wilson could care less about our local economy. All she cares about is Wall Street and big oil corporations that pollute our valuable water resources.

New Mexico’s voting public should be very proud of their candidate Martin Heinrich! He ran a clear and respectful race. Hector Balderas should also be commended for the way he conducted himself during this primary season. I foresee a bright political future for Hector Balderas in New Mexico.