Monday, June 25, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court on a 5/4 split again says Corporations Have All the Rights of a Human

The U.S. Supreme Court's conservatives have made it clear that the only way to stop corporations out of control spending on political issues as a result of the Citizen’s United decision is to change the constitution. Today they again rejected any limits on spending when it comes to corporations citing freedom of speech.

Somehow, I do not get the argument that our founding fathers were thinking about corporations as people with all the rights of a human being when they wrote the constitution. The founding fathers could not have been thinking that mega corporations would use their deep pockets to control the mass media with slick professional advertisements. I think the founding fathers would have been completely opposed to third party organizations who receive funding from secret donors. The idea that individuals from outside our own country using large sums of money would be able to influence our government is appalling to any American Voter.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative group is trying to force congress and the president to open the U.S. Constitution to an amendment to change the law and limit what rights would be allowed to corporations. This move would allow conservative groups to add other amendments to ban gay marriage, limit women’s right over their own body and limit the commerce clause.

The president does have one other option, which is to add more justices to the court in order to change the current balance. This option was used as a threat at one point in our history to reign in the court's out of control behavior.

Chief Justice Roberts should think carefully about the split in the court’s decision as of the past few years. His inability to being about broader consensuses among the court’s justices on their decisions speaks to his inability of successfully running the U.S. Supreme Court. The court’s justices should be basing their decisions purely on the facts and not on any single political affiliation. With such a clear line forming on high profile cases, it is obvious that the conservative group of justices are using the court to push their own political agenda to the growing dismay of the voting public.