Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Female New Mexican’s Political Point Of View blog removed from Party links

Well it did not take long for the Leaders of the Democratic Party of New Mexico to remove my blog from their listen of bloggers. I must now believe that if you do not agree with them then you are faced with censorship by the State Democratic Party. Thanks Mr. Gonzales! I will remember this in the future. It looks like they do not respect our constitution in this state when it comes to freedom of speech. That is ok since I have no respect for them any longer.

Then again they keep telling the voting public that they are winning when in fact the polls have Denish/Colon 10% behind the republican candidate because they do not want to hear what voters in this state are saying. All they care about are the rich people who have donated to their campaign.

I can now see why there are so many independents in this state. Sad that my own party is so out of touch with the voting public in this state. Funny but their tactics will not work this election year. Got to say that I have never been very good at lying to the voting public for anyone. Dear god what kind of people have taken over control of our state party?