Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stop Whining! State Candidates Start Listening and Caring!

Until democratic candidates in this state stop talking at the voters and start listening to what they are saying then they will loss the November election. Until state democratic candidates stop siding with the top paid individuals in this state and start caring about issues faced by low paid and middle class voters then they will loss. We need someone who will truly fight for our issues in this state.

Saying I am listening to you but not wanting to hear what is being said or telling us that they are your friends is a fast way to loss an election in this state. Telling someone that your issue is not important and that you are trying to win an election is also a fast way to loss an election.

State democratic candidates are coming off as callous, uncaring and insensitive to voters core issues. Liberals and progressives will stop attacking when their voices are being heard and their issues are cared about in this state. If we want someone in office that does not care about our issues then we will let a bloody republican win the race in November. After all why vote for the lesser evil when we can let the greater evil win this election.

The problem is some of the republican candidates are listen and caring more then our own candidates. So maybe it is time to let them win and in four years we can lead a revolt with real progressive candidates that do care about our issues. Candidates that are willing to stand up to the rich powerful overpaid in this state and do what is right for the voting public.

So maybe it is time for voters to stop “whining” and let our silences speak volumes about the way we honestly feel about this election year with all of its hateful attack ads.