Saturday, October 16, 2010

Understanding Constitutional Amendments that are on the Ballot

If you are interested in educating yourself on constitutional amendments on the ballot here is a link that give each issue and both the pros and the cons of each issue.

With the current sentiment of kick the jerks out I can not see supporting the second proposed Constitutional Amendments.

As for amendment three to the state constitution the wording could be clearer. I understand the need to do away with titles such as idiots and insane voters. Still I would not support mentally disabled persons, who could be far to easily convinced to vote when they have no ability to understand issue, being allowed to vote. I do think that judges should be able to determine if a felony offense rises to the level of doing away with a persons right to vote since some youthful mistakes can last a long time. This one issue harms mothers who made mistakes before they settled down and start a family. It also punishes them for being in a relationship with men that take advantage of them when it comes to drug related crimes. A one size fits all solution is more harmful then helpful in this instance. So while I would like to see the language on this amendment more clear the original idea behind it is not wrong.

As for amendment five I oppose it completely we already have a problem with the Appearance of impropriety in this state when it comes to political people getting jobs in this state so to lower the bar is just an unacceptable idea in the first place.