Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gary King for Governor

Gary King is faced with replacing his campaign manager right after the primary race. King is faced with the fact that he is running against the Koch money machine and a popular governor. It did not help that his first choice for campaign manager turned out to be a very bad one. I would strongly encourage that he chose a woman for his second choice.

The people of New Mexico do not understand all of the flawed the current governor has managed to display over the past three years. Unless you are a political junkie, you most likely have not listened to the tapes where Governor Martinez is heard allowing her staff to make horrid remakes against teacher, women, Hispanics, and disabled individuals. Unless you are an accountant you may not understand just how bad it was that the people she appointed to the New Mexico Finance Authority did not even bother to read documents before they signed them. If you do not live in the international district of Albuquerque you may not understand that she sold the Downs Racetrack to the highest bidder while disrespecting the wished of the  people who live in that area of the city. I could go on and on about her failures but the biggest one is that while all the other states around us are adding jobs she has managed to create an environment that drives business away therefore resulting in negative job growth.  Her money allows you to think that she is a saint while she is far from that when it comes to her behavior in office.

Gary King is no saint but he does have core democratic values mixed with good old-boy, male views that has cause him problems in the past. His saving grace is that his parents were strong influences when it comes to how you run this state. Martinez on the other hand wishes nothing more than to be accepted as a white individual in a group that hates Hispanics. She will do anything to win their acceptance even if it harms New Mexicans in the process.

I suggest that since Martinez has too much money therefore King should work on developing a grassroots campaign much like the one run by President Obama in 2012. He should start with house parties where individual supporters are encouraged to share why they think King would do a better job than Martinez. Get people to express why they feel Martinez has failed them as governor. There is no better campaign approach than having neighbor speak to neighbor. It worked well for President Obama. Having young people who never give up on encouraging people to show up is also a good idea. Zack just would never take no for an answer much less I am too busy with life child.

The cold hard truth is that New Mexico cannot afford another four more years of Governor Martinez’s fail government policies that hurt all New Mexicans.