Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mayor Richard Berry a Failed Administration

Ok, Mayor Berry had to dismiss Darren White because of his misconduct when it came to appearing at the scene of an accident that his wife caused. Now the Chief Administration Officer of the City of Albuquerque Rob Perry is allegedly rumored to have a drinking problem and is showing up at shooting scenes by the Albuquerque Police Department drunk and unable to drive. Never mind that this behavior should get the attorney disbarred for creating an appearance of impropriety. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has stated that the Albuquerque Police Department is guilty of violating individual’s constitutional rights with the usage of excessive force. How is having a drunken attorney at the scenes screaming at officers going to help?

Berry’s administration has hired an expensive attorney on the taxpayer’s dollar to defend his administration. The public is being kept in the dark as to the process of those talks with the DOJ. Mayor Berry’s office has shown a callus disregard when it comes to the citizens of the city and their safety. You would think that if the Department of Justice was serious about fixing the problems with the police department that they would at this point take over the department. The police are spying on peaceful protesters. One of the officers that shot an individual was at the last protest with a camera taking shots of the protesters and we still do not know what was done with those photos.  That behavior in and of itself displays the lack of respect that the mayor’s office has for citizens of this city. Mayor Berry has been careful to remain in hiding from the public as his office circles the drain.   

We are also looking at the fact that making national news because of these issues are driving away businesses; therefore, adding to the lack of high paying jobs as the city and state continue to lose jobs even as other states around us gain thousands of new jobs. One has to wonder where Governor Martinez is while this is going on in one of the largest cities in the state. At what point is she going to demand a Department of Justice takeover?