Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lawsuit to open elections

When I first heard about this lawsuit to open the primary elections I hated the idea. It would allow people who refuse to support a party to influence that party's decision on who would be their candidate.

Now after taking the time to think the issue over I have decided that the primary elections should be wide open to all voters. If someone does not want to declare a party than they should have the right to vote in the primary, I do however feel that they should not be limited to voting for candidates in one party. I think to be fair that all voters should be allowed to vote for a candidate no matter which party they are affiliated with in the primary elections. The state constitution does not wish to limit the opinions of voters in any manner. Why would anyone wish to limit voters to one party’s candidates when that person has already decided that they are opposed to that system in the first place? Clearly the right approach is to have fully open primaries so that anyone can vote for any candidate no matter what the candidate’s party affiliation.