Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What makes someone a great candidate for judge?

In a little over a month a small group of people who hold the position of County Central Committee members will have to decide among various candidates who to put on the ballot for the open positions. The members of this committee are very well educated voters who know what to look for in a candidate. The candidates will spend a great deal of their time talking to these committee members so as to explain why they would be the best fit for the ticket.

What should a committee member be looking for in a candidate?

  • a history of being a successful attorney
  • an ability to listen to someone when they speak
  • a willingness to believe in the voters and value their decisions 
  • a desire to educate the voters about the legal system
  • a solid family life with a supportive environment
  • a desire to be an active member of the community
  • a full knowledge of the law
  • an understanding that people can make mistakes 
  • a desire to keep the system open to the public
  • a person who values human life over money
  • an ability to organize their time effectively
  • a view that not everyone is a criminal
  • a understanding that their judgment can have a profound effect on someone’s life
  • a need to work hard and deliver an honest fair judgment on issues
  • a willingness to keep an open mind on all things related to work
  • a sincere desire to work with the public as a servant
  • an ability to develop strong friendships across social and economic boundaries 
  • an ability to work well with others

                                                  And most of all

  • Respect for the voting public

This task before the committee is no easy job but the future of our local legal system and our local communities depends on these people understanding that it will be their judgment that has a profound effect on others in the future.